Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mother Daughter Shower

Our 2nd shower was so special - these wonderful ladies are mom's dear friends that gladly welcome her into the "grandma" club! The brunch was held at Kathie's gorgeous home and was just us mom's and daughters! They gave toast, shared memories of me as a lil' one, gave advice, and were so excited to celebrate this exciting time for Phil & I! The decor was just precious - cowboy/western theme! Here are a few picts from the fun we had at the shower! Enjoy!
The whole crew - mom's & daughters!
the dazzlin' daughters!!!
the marvel0us mom's!!!
Mom & I with Cooper
a lil' cowboy bookbag for Cooper!
Are these not the cutest lil' boots you've ever seen?!
love this!!!
Cooper's going to be a lil' cowboy!
the set up! amazing decor!
teething rings as napkin holders - adorable idea!
isn't that a cute baby - yep, those are all me!
quite the spread - food was delicious!
aren't these just the cutest!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our 1st Baby Shower in Charlotte!

What a great way to love on lil' Cooper - friends, food and fun! We had all of that combined at our 1st baby shower in Charlotte with all my college girl friends! We were really excited about this one because it was a couple's shower and Phil was able to be there to celebrate this exciting time too! The hostess out did themselves - great set up, precious decor, delicious food, and awesome gifts! We always enjoy our time in Charlotte and it was great to have everyone together! Thanks girls for everything you did to make us feel so loved!
adorable invite!
all the wonderful hostess

us with Meg & George!
a few of the gals!

this was just precious! they had a piece of ribbon hanging on the wall with cards that guest wrote us notes on (that were so sweet by the way) and to top it off a lil' Beatles onesie in the middle :)

They know me well - dessert was my absolute favorite - banana puddin' with Cooper initials!

happy mama and daddy!

Lauren, me and Caroline
opening gifts!

Big items - we got our stroller and our pack n play! We were super pumped about this!

us with Lauren & John

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Before and After......Cooper's room

We're happy to report that Phil (aka - Bob the Builder) still has all his fingers and toes after lots of painting, hammering, drilling, nailing, sawing, and vaccuming! Our lovely little guest room has been transofrmed into what Cooper will know as his nursery!!! The walls are painted, the beadboard is up, the crib and dresser are put together - let's do this! However, we still have a few things to do...... curtains, wall decor, rocker/glider, crib sheet, changing pad, etc. None the less - we promised pictures of before and after so here ya have it........

Finished product!!!

As you can see the furniture required some creative packing in order to fit in the car

Don't worry - Phil did eventually find his way out from under the crib

WA - LA!!!!!

More pictures to come when we get some decor on the walls and get our rocker/glider!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Lucy to baby gear.....

Pretty sure we misunderstood the meaning of introducing baby gear to your pet before you bring your newborn home.............. I think they (whoever they is) suggest putting some of your baby gear around the home and telling your pet no when they get close or jump on it or something like that.....well......Phil and I put Lucy IN the pack n play! She didn't seem to mind - we're just hoping she doesn't put herself IN it when Cooper is in there.

Ok, so really we were just excited about the pack n play that I got for my mom at a consignment sale and wanted to try it out. However, I think it's safe to say that we won't be using the pack n play for Cooper by the time he weighs as much as Lucy.