Friday, September 16, 2016

Carter goes to preschool!!!

Our baby boy started preschool a few weeks ago!!! He was so very excited for it to be his turn and go to "brother's old school."  Carter is already familiar with the school and the teachers so thankfully it's been a smooth transition and he is loving it. He also has the same teachers Cooper had for his first year of preschool! Oh, how we love Ms. Lisa and Ms. Brandi! 

 Excited to show off his lunch box!

 So when I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up he first said "tools." I tried to reword the question and he kept saying "tools." So I said, you want to be a construction worker and he said, "no, I wear my tool belt." So....that's what we wrote for this year. ha! 

 ready to go! 

 This group pict keeps getting smaller and smaller.....we have a tradition of taking a group pict with all our neighborhood friends that are in preschool together. The other two little ones, Haley and Ali Cate and are in class with Carter! Asher (lil boy on the right) is who we car pool with! 

 one more hug for daddy!
 His sweet teachers! Love that I have this same pict of Cooper with them as well!

And because this is too cute to not share....
Carter saying hey to Cooper as we drove by his school that morning!