Monday, April 29, 2013


Our Easter was spent going to church for a great service, followed by lunch with our sweet family! We've said it before, but can't say it enough...we are sooooo very thankful and blessed that our parents get along so well and don't mind spending time together! We had an egg hunt for Cooper, Ashley & Ian before the rain came in. Cooper was on a sugar high from the Easter bunny visiting AND Easter baskets from Mimi/Papa T and Nana/Pop Pop! We hope with each Easter that passes Cooper enjoys all the goodies and fun and is able to fully understand the true meaning of why we celebrate! He is ALIVE!!!

sorry Cooper - didn't realize we were squeezing you in there

 loving on daddy!

 seeing what the Easter bunny brought
 all kinds of good stuff!
 his favorite!

 3 sweet cousins!

 loving this Easter stuff! 

 time for the egg hunt

 getting a hang of it!

 Ashley & Nana
 Ashley, Helen and Ian
 checking out his treasures!
 sorting thru the egg with Ashley
 another Easter basket after nap time
 Nana & Ian
 oooooh! very excited about his remote control car
 trying it out!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter fun!

Check out picts from our Easter fun! Dying eggs with the neighbors and going to a local Easter egg hunt! 

trying it out! 

 Cooper & Sarah Beth

 Cooper and Emerson dancing in the rain!
 some of the girls dying eggs!
 dancing in the garage
 tons and tons and tons of eggs
 definitely more interested in what's inside than looking for more eggs
 Cooper and Turner checking out the goods

 showing Daddy what's inside

Monday, April 22, 2013

A few fun moments

Since I'm a lil' behind on sharing photos from Easter fun and Abbey's wedding festivities I figured I'd brighten your day with a few photos of our lil' love! 
Cooper enjoying his train videos - really relaxing!
 taking it easy after not feeling well - a treat to have his paci out of the bed :) 

 an Easter bath....full of easter eggs and glow sticks! 
 this was my attempt at capturing his glow in the dark Easter get the idea! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cooper is 2.5!

Our lil' Cooper celebrated 2 1/2 years today! Crazy! Just a quick pict taken at the beach today! 
What a blessing he is to us and so many. He is full of joy and very curious these days. Always on the move and looooooves being outside. Enjoys pretty much any food you put in front of him. Loves his family, friends and Lucy! We are so thankful for you Cooper and love you more than yesterday, but less than tomorrow! Happy 1/2 birthday sweet boy! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Touch A Truck & Dance Class

A few weekends back we enjoyed a beautiful morning at Touch A Truck in Kennesaw....there's another one coming up at Mt. Tabor Park on Sat, April 24th from 10-12 in case you missed this one. Cooper enjoyed checking out all the big trucks and vehicles. There were jumpy jumps, snowcones (a personal favorite of mine) and all kinds of BIG stuff to look at! 

 waiting on the helicopter to take off

 train coming.....we were really close as you can tell from the picture above

 You know you have a great neighbor/friend when they will take your child to her child's dance class! A huge thanks to Amanda for not only watching Cooper but for also letting him tag along at Emerson's dance class! Oh, and for taking pictures for mommy to see :)   

 all wrapped up and ready to head home!