Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few fun events!

Lots of fun events these past few months! A dear long time friend's wedding reception, a quick trip to Colorado and an auction/benefit dinner! ENJOY! 

Jennifer and I have been friends since middle school. 
I loved being there to celebrate her marriage. So happy for them! Congrats!  
 a fun night out with mom and dad too
 clearly we enjoyed the photo booth :) 
 I headed to Colorado to visit Leslie, Cole & Blaire!
I think Carter was hoping I'd pack him in my suitcase
 love these two and cherish our time together! 

despite Cole's recent hip surgery she was still able to spend some time with us and get out! 

 lil Turner! 
 took this for Cooper - mountains, snow, AND a concrete mixer! 

 that lil' head you see in the bottom right hand corner is Andee looking out their window at this deer - I mean it was soooooo close! 
 us with the lil' ones at the local coffee shop! 
 loving on Andee!!!
 on our walk look how close this deer let me get! crazy crazy!
 out for Leslie's birthday dinner!
 Turner got to hang with the ladies and did awesome! 
 and Carter gladly welcomed my return home! 
 Phil and I were invited by his parents to attend the Bartow Children's Advocate Spring Benefit. 
We enjoyed a silent auction, a yummy dinner and time with family! 
 Phil's parents! 
 Rob (PopPop) with his two boys! So proud! 
 Marion (Nana) with her two boys! 
 and the 4 Hankinson's 
 Phil showing off his hat! 
 Rob & I having way too much fun with the auction 
 Alan and Marianne 
 Phil & I with Helen and Steve (Phil's brother)
 The whole Hankinson crew minus our kiddos! Such a fun night!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Circus, Swimming, & hanging out at home

When the circus was in town we surprised Cooper and took him to the circus! 
He was pretty pumped! We all had a great time enjoying the show!!! 
this pict was right when we told him! 

During winter break we went to a fun indoor swimming pool with some friends! 
Cooper loved it and can't wait to go back!

And a few picts from the boys just playing around the house! 

 trying out his new big boy car seat!