Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 fun days!!!!

Leslie was in town (well, at least close enough to visit) so we went to Lake Wedowee for the day to spend some qt together! Not near enough time, but thankful for a fun day with the Quilico's. We took a lil' boat ride and Cooper went on a jet ski for the first time! 

getting ready for the boat ride!
 sweet lil' Andee
 happy lil' MaeBelle

 being silly
 too bright to look at camera, but getting ready for the jet ski ride
 snack time
 watching the boat drive up
 oh sweet girl.....too cute for words. She was a trooper wearing the life jacket
This past weekend we celebrate Mallory & Taylor's 7th birthday! 7....how is that possible?! It was in Atlanta at the splash pad and everyone had a great time! A wonderful morning for 2 wonderful kiddos!
 love these 3!

 the splash pad area
 Amber with Taylor
 Amber with Mallory
 hanging with the big kids 
 trying out the cool swing
 the Price family.... with their big 7 year olds!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beach Trip for the 4th!

We were in SGI over the 4th with Phil's family. Despite the wet wet weather we were still able to enjoy some beach and pool time with cousins! Enjoy lots of picts from our 4th of July beach vacation!

trying on his shades
 watching daddy on the yolo board
 waving to mommy

 playing with his sand toys
 not so sure about this
 face timing with cousins in England while we were on the beach - pretty amazing!
 Phil was throwing Cooper up in the air....we didn't notice his loose shorts until after the pictures were taken. :0

 up close - look at that white bum! 
 playing on the ipad during one of the rainy days
 jumping in at the same time!
 checking out the new slide Pop Pop bought for us! a HUGE hit!


 loving it!
 Ashley on the slide!
 Ian giving it a go!
 3 sweeties!
 face in the water "swimming"

 they built a tent during one of the rainy days
 being silly
 watching Uncle Steve make strawberry daiquiris! 
 golf cart ride! 

 washing off the golf cart
 matching shirts with daddy
 waiting on the parade to start with Nana

 still waiting!
 Nana & Ashley
 waving to the people in the parade
 Ashley & Ian were spraying the people in the parade
 us at the parade
 I can't forget Lucy...she enjoyed her laid back vacation at the beach too! Guarding the pantry I suppose!
Here's a video of the kiddos trying out the new slide!