Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Levi's Bday & Hanging Out

Last weekend we celebrated cousin Levi's 4th birthday! They are only 2 weeks apart and have so much fun together! Cooper had a blast at catch air!

 Here's a few more of us just hanging out and have fun around the house!
 being silly with Samuel
 Playing with the big boys - Samuel & Hayden

 so proud of himself
 sweet brothers!

 playing with Lucy

 so many choices!

Heatco Picnic & Ashley's soccer game

We went to Rome to see our niece Ashley play soccer! She did great! Both the boys loved being outside and watching her play. 

 trying to scare Uncle Steve

 Heatco recently hosted their annual family picnic
 trying on Uncle Steve's cool shades

 Carter got some goodies too
 not so sure about Yogi
 Nana with Ashley & Ian
 best swings ever according to Cooper

 this massive jumpy was at the picnic and didn't need to be returned until Monday so being the awesome daddy that Phil is he brought it home and put it in our front yard! The neighbor kids loved it and Cooper had a blast!!!! 

Fall Fun - Pumpkin Patch & Fall Festival

Our neighborhood had their annual Fall Festival last weekend and we also made a trip to the pumpkin patch with some friends! 

 Anderson, Cooper, Turner & Wyatt
 enjoying the tractor ride

 at the pumpkin patch
 so glad Daddy was able to come with us!

 Cooper looooooves this slide! 

 feeding the cows

 feeding the goats
 on the hay ride with Emerson & Brooklyn

 the pumpkin patch will wear a lil' guy out