Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cooper is 4!!!

This was one celebrated lil' boy!!! On October 10th Cooper turned 4!!! Birthday's are a big deal around here and I love all the fun that comes along with a new year. Cooper is VERY much into diggers, dump trucks, loaders, and any other construction vehicle you can think of these days.... All that being said I really enjoyed this year's party theme! We had a great afternoon for his birthday party with some of his lil buddies, we made ice pop holders to share with his class at school, enjoyed cupcakes in the driveway with our neighbors, went to lego land the day of and mexican with family the night of his actual birthday! Oh, and topped it all off with a 4 year checkup that went very well! He's a happy, healthy, growing 4 year old lil' boy! Happy Birthday Cooper!

sweet brothers

 the party set up - bummed I didn't notice that one set of balloons had fallen off the table 

day of actual birthday!

We went to lego land on his actual birthday. We took Evan with us and Amanda and Emerson met us there to enjoy the birthday boy! 

 love these two sillies! We were getting gas when I took this picture I promise - not driving or stopped at red light
 out to dinner night of - Carter having fun too!
 please excuse the birthday belly showing - not sure how that happened. He was a lil unsure of the hat and all the people singing and I think as he leaned back his shirt rose up....ha!
 sprinkle cake night of birthday

 putting on a concert for us
 checking out his new leap pad 

 cupcakes with the neighbors! 

 so thankful for a street of "big kids" that love our lil boys so well! 

 celebrating at school with the birthday boy!

 showing off his ice pop holder

 his sweet lil class!
 one of his best buddies - Evan
 his awesome teacher Mrs. Leslie

Happy Happy 4th Birthday Cooper Reid! We love you!

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