Friday, August 31, 2012

Montana trip!

Whew....this post has taken some time to put together. In July Cooper and I flew out to see Aunt Carly & Uncle Ty! Mom and Dad drove out there a week prior and we stayed for a week with all of them.  Cooper and I flew from Atl to Denver, then to Billings and finally to Glasgow, MT. Thankfully, all prayers were answered and Cooper did great during our long day of travel. 
We loved being in Big Sky country with Carly & Ty. We relaxed, played games, rode horses, went on walks, helped paint and rearrange, ate yummy meals and met some of their friends.  We wished they lived closer, but love that we have such a cool place to go visit.
Enjoy lots and lots of picts from our time in Montana! 
this was at 5am in the atl. airport
 in Billings, MT
 Mimi gave me a lil' treat to give him when I needed to tide him over until we landed
 he loved his school bus!
 in Glasgow, MT
 finally there!
 excited to see his Papa T
 Mimi brought his a lil' horse - we named her Montana!
 Carly & Ty's house!
 front yard view
 view from their porch
 thinking about playing in the lil' pool
 The Outpost/Cafe where Carly use to work
 the town of Opheim, MT
 the school where Carly now works
 their driveway
 wanting every last sip of ice cream
 loving lunch time
 more ice cream
 Carly & Ty's horses
 sitting by the fire pit with Papa T
 riding the lawn mower or mawn mower as Cooper calls it
 helping hand out dessert
 helping Papa T carry wood to the fire pit
 loving time with his Aunt Carly
 exploring the wide open space
 on a ride with the family! thanks to Uncle Ty for taking pictures
 the views were amazing!
 Mimi is in heaven!
 playing with the goats
 reading before nap time with Papa T
 watching Aunt Carly water the horses
 Cooper was in heaven on this thing
 bath time! hair do compliments of Aunt Carly!
 another view from their house
 us at the cafe
 Dad and Carly
 the cafe
 Cooper riding Chicken Little
 Mimi leading Cooper and Chicken Little
 happy with his Aunt Carly
 so thankful for time with his aunt and uncle