Sunday, August 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We moved!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! We apologize to anyone that might not have known we all happened very quickly! We are only about 10 -15 min from where we use to live.  We are in a swim/tennis neighborhood called Bentwater.  It's closer to work for Phil, plenty of room for us to grow into and in a great area! Our new neighbors have given us a warm welcome in addition to the friends we already know that live in the neighborhood as well. 
In addition to moving, Cooper and I were in Montana with my parents visiting Uncle Ty and Aunt Carly at the end of July (lots of pictures to share soon), we went to Charlotte for a friend's wedding, Phil had a big project at work, Phil's family from England is here visiting and we celebrated my 30th birthday! Thankfully, with the help of friends and family it has been a smooth transition into our new home!
As you all know we were truly blessed with a wonderful neighborhood prior to this home. It was the home Phil and I bought together and came to after our honeymoon, the place we brought Cooper home from the hospital, a place where we made special memories and a neighborhood that we made lasting friendships with our Timberland family.  We are thankful for our time there and are excited about this next phase of our life as well!
Here is a picture of our new home and a few of us moving!
 lots of boxes ready to be moved
 many of my clothes packed in Marion's car
 our garage at one point
 the movers starting to load the truck
 starting to unload at the house house
 our new garage filled with all our stuff
 more stuff in our garage
 trying to keep it organized until we unpack
 and of course one last pict of our first home sweet home!

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