Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Jam 2014

Lots and lots of snow!!! For those that live in GA or the south for that matter you know that this winter storm sent everyone in a tizzy! However, I will say ice is no joke and there was a good bit of it. Needless to say despite the scary road conditions we were safe and sound and enjoyed all the white stuff! :) Thankfully, mom got "stuck" at home with us and was a huge help! Phil & I both were able to have some fun sledding and playing with Cooper while Mimi kept lil' Carter nice and cozy! 

 view from our porch
 view from back porch
 first day of snow right as we got home from school! 

 loving it!

 playing with all his diggers

 sledding time with daddy

 all bundled up ready for day 2

 thanks to Mimi, Cooper had a great set of snow bibs to wear
 Phil spent lots of time on Mr. Dan's 4 wheeler helping others get home if they were stuck!  
 Cooper & Hayden
 night sledding with the neighbors!
 Daddy took Cooper for a lil' spin
 Emmy & Cooper sledding - love this one!
 Amanda & I enjoying the pretty snow!

 Cooper, Emerson and Elle
 Mimi keeping Carter warm! 
 the big hill on the golf course was certainly put to use! We had a blast!
 more sledding!


 Mommy & Cooper getting ready to go down the big hill
 more 4 wheelin' fun
 Mr. Tyson let Phil borrow the golf cart to come pick Carter and I up so we could join in on the fun!
 Cooper & Samuel

 not so sure about this get up
 our lil' family of 4 - Carter is sound asleep and bundled up
 eating snow...loved it!

 making snow cream! 
 staying warm!
 thawing out!
 home sweet home! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

1 month for Carter!

On Monday Carter was 1 month! It's hard to believe he's been here for 4 weeks and that we have two lil' boys to love on! Thanks to pinterest, my sister and dear friend Ashley  for the idea of doing monthly photos another cute way! For those that remember we did the monthly stickers with Cooper and plan to do the same with Carter! Enjoy!

 too funny not to share! 

 Below is Carter's "baby body" collage that I did when he was first born, but hadn't got around to sharing yet. Definitely want to remember these tiny lil' parts of Carter