Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daddy's Day

We have some pretty special daddy's in our life! So very thankful for Phil, Papa T, PopPop, Uncle Steve and Uncle Ty! They love and care deeply for the most important people in my life (our sweet boys, niece and nephews.) Thank you for loving our family and your own unconditionally, for guiding us, protecting us and supporting us! We love you so! 
We had a great weekend celebrating these special guys by going kayaking, hanging by the pool, watching soccer, eating yummy food, relaxing, napping and loving on them! 
Phil is a great daddy! He make memories, loves the Lord, puts his family first, makes sacrifices, is patient, always makes times for his boys, works so hard, is a great teacher, a good listener, awesome story teller, loves his boys and his wife unconditionally! Phil could not be more proud to be the daddy of these two lil' fellas! We love you daddy!


 Pop Pop with his boys! 
 Pop Pop with his 4 grandkids!

 everyone smiling - yeah!!!  
 Ashley & Pop Pop
 pool time!
 Carter trying out the pool for the first time
 a lil unsure

 Uncle Steve & Ashley
 sweet Carter!

 our kayaking adventure
 with my sweet Daddy
 the boys! 

 Carter spent the day at home while we went kayaking - he was having just as much fun! 

 sitting with Papa T
 so peaceful! 
 Dad/Papa T and Cooper
 Mom taking it easy! 
 pointing out the turtles
 Uncle Steve taking them on a ranger ride! 

Braves game

We recently went to a Rome Braves game for a Heatco family event. We were spoiled with a suite that was catered with good food and great seats! Cooper enjoyed it, but didn't quite understand why the foul balls wern't coming to him. ha! Enjoy a few picts from our fun afternoon outing with Heatco. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 months for Carter!

Carter is 5 months as of last week! Flying by of course.....He is one happy lil guy as long as he's well rested and well fed! Enjoy picts of Mr. Carter growing, playing and enjoying the lil' things!


1st time turned around in baby bjorn! loving it! 
 trying to stay cool at the playground 
 first time in exercauser - checking it all out!
 drying off after bath time