Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Winter Break!

Winter break was last week so we were able to enjoy some fun activities with the boys! We headed up to Murphy, NC to check out Phil's parents new lake house...however, there are no pictures because I was hit with the stomach bug...enough said! The boys had fun while we were there though. We took a family outing to the circus on valentine's! My friend Jennifer and I took our big boys to the Chattanooga Children's Museum one day and we took all the boys to the zoo on Thursday! Aunt Carly and McCoy also came into town Thursday night so we've been soaking in time with them these past few days!   

Monday, February 15, 2016


The festivities have started for the bride to be! Just a few months away she'll say I do! What better way to kick off the fun than with a lingerie shower! We had a great time showering Lauren with a few ooh la-la items and enjoying girl time! 
 This bag was filled with "personality panties" We had each guest bring a pair of panties that best described their personality and Lauren had to guess who they were from! Made for a good laugh!
This was the bridal bingo card - each guest had a card and as Lauren opened gifts and said certain words they marked off the box. The first to get bingo got a prize!  
 Fun with the ladies!