Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Shoot(s)

Aren't you excited that I have FINALLY posted picts from his SIX & NINE month photo shoots.....I mean he's almost 11 months so I figured it was time.......eeeek! This 1st picture quickly became one of my new favorites! We had a fun time capturing these lil' moments of Cooper. I've decided that I should take Phil to all my photo shoots as my assistant because he does such a good job of getting kids to smile! Nine month photos are first followed by his six month! ENJOY!

6 month photo shoot! This one is still on the top 5 of my favorites!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Birthday's!

It's the end of August and we've just finished celebrating our birthday's! (We highly recommend celebrating all month long) On Aug. 10th I turned 29, Cooper turned 10 months and on Aug. 20th Phil turned 34!
On Aug. 3rd a group of girls went to Atami (a yummy sushi place) to celebrate Elisabeth & I's birthday!
After dinner we went to menchies for yogurt, browsed Kohls b/c we had some time to kill before the movie started and then went to see Crazy Stupid Love (good movie by the way). It was a great girls night!
 Hannah, me and Blaire at menchies! yum yum!
 On Aug. 10th - my actual b-day that afternoon Cooper & Dad treated me to lunch (no picture to show) and that evening we went back to Atami with some friends then to Yogli Mogli (another yogurt place) for dessert!

On Aug. 12th Phil & I went to Marietta Fish Market to celebrate us! It was the first time we had been there! It was delicious. I had my favorite shrimp and grits and Phil had fish and chips - the servings are HUGE!

On Aug. 20th - Phil's b-day we went rafting with some friends in TN down the Ocoee! It was a fabulous day for it and we had a great time.

 The girls - Blaire, me, Elisabeth & Hannah
 The fellas - Tony, Phil, Rob and Brad
 The birthday boy being silly
 After rafting we went to mexican
 And of course they sang.....if you have never heard Phil do is ahhhhhh, haaaaaaa, ahhhhhh sound....I'll just put it this way - it's entertaining and this is what he was doing in this picture. I just spent a good 5 min. trying to do it myself so I could explain how to type it and I didn't even come close.
 Cooper with the birthday daddy!
 Yesterday, Aug. 28th we celebrated with our families! We had yummy BarBCutie! If you've never had their potato MUST! It's pretty much the BEST.EVER! Here are our niece and nephew with Cooper.

 Lots of swimming and hanging out by the pool while we had dessert and opened gifts! In case you're wondering Phil had his favorite ice cream pie and I had my favorite banana puddin'!

Couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration!
(Until next year of course, when we turn the big 30 and 35!)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Parties!

The past few weekends have been filled with birthday parties...and lots of them! (not including our own) Here are some picts from a few we have been to lately!

Jack & Marley Dunn - a 1yr old ladybug party and a 3 yr old monster truck party combined!
Here is Jack's cake - it was pretty awesome!

Marley's smash cake - precious!

Cooper was lovin' the balloons!

Our attempt at getting Cooper and Marley together for a picture.
Marley was cheesing here lil' heart out and I'm pretty sure Cooper was rolling his eyes at me
Jack the Birthday Boy!
Marley the b-day girl getting ready for smash cake
Okay, so this isn't really a birthday party, but wanted to include it. Leslie, Steve & Andee were quickly (less than 24 hrs) passing through GA on their way back from the beach so we went to her parents for a quick visit.

Mallory & Taylor's 5th Birthday Party
Mallory the Birthday Girl
Taylor the Birthday Boy
Adorable lil' cupcakes
Banner that Amber made out of fabric and had it all over the house! Impressive! and definitely reusable!
Favor bags that were just too cute!

Evan Dichiara 1st Birthday Party

Getting ready for his smash cake
Fun cupcakes that Hannah made
love this lil' birthday boy
pretty sure he loved his smash cake
Marley & Cooper playing at the party
So clearly this picture isn't from one of the b-day parties, but I thought it would be fun for yall to see this picture from last summer when we were all pregnant and then show you a picture of us with our babes! :)

5 friends with our 5 babies
 oldest to youngest (babies that is)
From L to R
Hannah & Evan Dichiara, Sara & Marley Dunn, Cooper & I,
Elisabeth & Madeline Keen, Coco & Finn Collier

Cooper & I with Hannah and her b-day boy Evan!