Monday, July 30, 2012

4th of July Beach Trip!

We spent this past 4th at the beach with Phil's family in St. George Island! The weather was great, Cooper turned into a lil' fish while we there and we loved time together with our family! We're so thankful for Nana and Pop Pop who allow us to enjoy their beautiful beach house during the summer! Enjoy lots of picts from our latest beach trip!

 watching Daddy fish

 checking out a lil' fishy
 being silly with Nana
 going for a dip in the ocean
 floating all by myself

 pool time with daddy

 feeding the birds with daddy
 on the yolo board!

 being silly at lunch

 playing with his cousins in the ocean
 swimming with Nana

 a trip to the beach isn't complete until Phil is able to paddle with the dolphins
 Josie, Ada and Mallory
 me and Mallory
 Phil taking Ada for a ride
 Mallory's turn

 watching Ashley and Ian decorate the truck for the 4th of July parade

 getting ready for the parade

 Uncle Steve's big truck in the parade, Aunt Helen in the back using the super soaker!
 not so sure about the parade
 this one just makes me laugh - it was pouring during the parade so we were watching from the golf cart
 hanging out with Ian and Ashley
 the beach house decorated for the 4th!
 our lil' patriotic family
 daddy being silly with Cooper

 The next set of picts look very similar, but I wanted to post them all. As we were leaving the beach one evening a plane was flying by and Cooper was very interested!

 time to go home
 his 4th of July jammies - a lil' too big, but still pretty cute!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Favorite Things Party!

Some of you may be wondering what exactly a FAVORITE THINGS party is...well, if you haven't had one I highly recommend it! It was fabulous! Think Oprah's favorite things show scaled down about 1,000 notches!
Each girl chose one of their favorite things and bought 5 of them to bring to the party. Once they got to the party they hid their favorite things under a box. We drew numbers to decide what order to go in. Once it was your turn you would reveal your favorite item and share why it was a favorite of yours.  Then each girl would draw 5 names out of a bowl and those 5 people got her favorite item! You leave the party with 5 different favorite items of other girl's. We had some really fun favorites and a night filled with our favorite neighborhood friends.
And yes, we decided the color theme was turquoise and red so we all wore those colors! Cheesy, but fun! :)
The girls!
 the set up
 the bags that each girl put their favorite items in to take home
 the box that each girl put their favorite items under before revealing
 Where you drew your # and wrote your name on paper for others to draw
 our favorite foods
 the set up with my favorite things shirt - there is a close up at the end
 Lindsey and Nicole had their lil' favorites there at the beginning of the party :)
 Lindsey, Leigh and Elisabeth (we are so excited to have Leigh in the neighborhood now)
 Melissa, Hannah and Nicole (and baby Asher)
 Brianne, Hannah, Elisabeth and me
 Melissa's favorite thing - oxi clean stain remover
Kerri's favorite thing - Victoria Secret panties! oooh la la!
 Lindsey's favorite thing - mini bottle of wine
 Hannah's favorite thing - fabulous coral nail polish
 Leigh's favorite thing - Summer Romance aroma packet
 Coco's favorite thing - mini bottle of wine, reeses, gum (cant remember what else)
 Lacy's favorite thing - stretchy bra (fabulous!)
 my favorite thing - elastic colored hair ties
 Nicole's favorite thing - dove chocolate
 Elisabeth's favorite thing - Starbucks gift $
 Brianne's favorite thing - Cinnamon Chocolate ice cream
 Brianne cheated and did two things - a cute cooler bag to put the ice cream in
 Karen's favorite thing - highlighter/pen
 and if any of you know me or my mom you'll know why I still own this t-shirt. A dear friend made it for me when I was oh.....maybe 6 or 7. When I told mom about the party she quickly reminded me about the shirt and of course I had to bring it for a picture :)