Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 years!!!

While you all were wearing green and celebrating St. Patty's day last Saturday, we were doing the same in addition to celebrating our 5th anniversary!!!!!!

We had a great day together! Cooper must have known it was our anniversary because he slept in til' 9:00. We had lunch together and left Cooper with Nana for the rest of the afternoon and night. We took our time running a few errands, treated ourselves to yogurt at menchie's, and came home and took a nap (ahhh!). Then we headed over to Acworth for dinner at Henry's! Headed home after dinner and watched our wedding video (yes, we're cheesy and do this every anniversary....okay we'll maybe it's just me that's cheesy and Phil is being a sweet hubby)

 All in all it was a great day spent together! We're also treating ourselves to a week at the beach in May - just us two to celebrate our 5 years! Here are a few picts from the day!

5 years ago!!!!
 dinner at Henry's
 our sweet waitress brought us champagne (same kind we had at our wedding) hehe!
 another self-portrait after dinner
 pretty flowers from my hubby!
 another bouqet he gave me

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Future Participants!

Way back when in 1982 (the year I was born) my mom ran the Peachtree! Go Mom! Like any soon to be first time mom would, she couldn't resist buying the peachtree shirt that said "future participant...." with all intentions of me wearing it and of course running the peachtree one day.  Being the great mom that she is, she of course saved the shirt and pulled it out when Cooper arrived!

I was at my friend Jennifer's house and she too had the "future participant" t-shirt layed out for her lil' boy Brooks. We knew we had to put the boys in them for some photos!

So thanks to my mom and Jennifer's dad, Cooper and Brooks have matching Peachtree shirts from 1982! We made them promise they would run it together one day. Ha!

Mom thinks some of the photos would be great advertisement for the race!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

17 months!

Our lil' love is 17 months today! He celebrated by going to two of his buddies birthday party, napping, playing at the playground and eating out! 
Here's a video from Cooper going down the slide at the birthday party this morning!
While he's not fully speaking he's definitely communicating a lot more these days....we can fully understand 3 words! Into EVERYTHING and loves exploring! Has fun chasing Lucy and teasing her with treats. Continues to eat and sleep well and has 12 teeth!
Enjoy these picts from this past month as a 16 month old!
how can you resist this?!
 likes to see what he can feel around for in this drawer
 no, he was not getting a bath in the sink.....I sat him on the counter to put his shoes on,
but he had other plans
 and was quite entertained
 Phil took the top off this chest to fix something that was loose
 and our lil' climber wanted to check it out
 Hard not to be content sitting in a trunk full of all your toys

From here down these photos were taken by our cell phone, but worthy of sharing!
We had a petting zoo at church the other day after our service.....Cooper was pretty interested!

If you've never pushed one of these bad boys around the grocery - prepare yourself - they should require a licence to use. Cooper thought it was pretty cool though.  
This was Cooper "stuck" in his lil' car
Cooper helping his Nana with yard work the other day - teaching him early on! I like it!

We'll leave you with a video of him "playing" the piano at Nana & PopPop's house

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun with Papa T & Mimi

The other day we were down at my parents having some fun! Cooper and Papa T had on their matching Superman tshirts and Mimi took Cooper for a ride on Brandy! He's was a lil' unsure at first, but started warming up to the idea. 

this one was taken with my phone so it's not very clear, but it was one of my favorites!