Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5 years!!!

While you all were wearing green and celebrating St. Patty's day last Saturday, we were doing the same in addition to celebrating our 5th anniversary!!!!!!

We had a great day together! Cooper must have known it was our anniversary because he slept in til' 9:00. We had lunch together and left Cooper with Nana for the rest of the afternoon and night. We took our time running a few errands, treated ourselves to yogurt at menchie's, and came home and took a nap (ahhh!). Then we headed over to Acworth for dinner at Henry's! Headed home after dinner and watched our wedding video (yes, we're cheesy and do this every anniversary....okay we'll maybe it's just me that's cheesy and Phil is being a sweet hubby)

 All in all it was a great day spent together! We're also treating ourselves to a week at the beach in May - just us two to celebrate our 5 years! Here are a few picts from the day!

5 years ago!!!!
 dinner at Henry's
 our sweet waitress brought us champagne (same kind we had at our wedding) hehe!
 another self-portrait after dinner
 pretty flowers from my hubby!
 another bouqet he gave me

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