Wednesday, January 25, 2012

15 month check up

On behalf of Cooper's 15 month check up I figured I could share some picts and stats! His check up went well and they were pleased with our lil' growing boy! He is 32 3/4 in tall which is the 90-97%! He weighs 25 1/2 lbs - 50%.

Thanks to our sweet family in England Cooper received this shirt not too long ago - along with a shirt for Phil that says PINT on it. I'll take a few picts soon of them wearing the shirts at the same time.

 Being silly one morning

 No, that is not product in his hair....  
During dinner time Cooper often gobbles up his fruit and then likes to rub his hands in his hair....nice! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jessica & Fox's Wedding!

This past weekend I was in Richmond, VA for my sorority sister's wedding!!!! We had a great time celebrating Jessica & Fox. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was wonderful! The reception was held at the the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! It was a great atmosphere, the food was amazing, and the band was awesome! Let's face it - being with college buddies pretty much guarantees a grand time! Congrats Jessica & Fox! Thanks for hosting such an incredible event!

This was printed on the welcome bags we received at the hotel
 us with the bride & groom!
 us with Jessica!
 Rachel, Tasha, Angela & me
 Rachel, Jacy, Angela, me & Tasha
 first dance
 cutting the cake - it was carrot cake!

 me with the beautiful bride!
 Rachel - my freshman roomie! Just being silly!
They had a photo booth as well - great fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

14 months!

Yesterday was Cooper's 15 month birthday or 1.25 as Phil kept calling it. He is walking everywhere. Still eats like he might not get another meal. Loves his sleep and wants to be outside as much as possible. Here are a few snapshots from this past month! ENJOY!

 we definitely don't encourage him sitting on the train table,
but I couldn't resist taking at least one picture

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Eve

Ringing in 2012 for us was spent with a few friends in our neighborhood! We had a great time socializing, eating yummy food, playing xbox dancing games and watching the peach/ball drop! Cooper was with us for about an hr then went to sleep there - needless to say in the wee hours of the morning when we got him up to go home he was a little concerned, but after a few minutes of cuddling he was right back asleep in his own bed! 

We hope 2012 is full of joy and blessings for your family!

Don't worry he didn't stay up til' midnight!
Brad & Elisabeth - thanks for hosting!
Sara & Richard

Dan & Lindsey
The Ladies!
the dance party
I added this one to humor myself....
please notice that I'm going the opposite way of everyone else..... clearly I have no rhythm
the guys even joined in on the fun
Happy New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

What a wonderful Christmas season we had with our family and friends!!! This year Cooper enjoyed the lights, tissue paper, tearing wrapping paper and new toys! We hope you had a Merry Christmas and that the New Year is off to a great start!  I'll let the picts do most of the talking..... by the way we have a lil' boy that is walking all over the place these days!!!!

 Christmas morning

 lovin' pancakes!

 who knew flashlights were so entertaining for a one year old?!

 this one is just too funny - Lucy doing what she does best

*Lindstedt Christmas*
it was such a nice day on Christmas Eve that we were able to go on a hike and spend some time with the horses

 I love that he is this excited about plaid :) hehe!

 my parents property backs up to the railroad tracks....while we were on our walk 2 trains came by.....Cooper was definitely interested in the choo choo!

 love mom and dad's stockings

 us with Grandmother
 Cooper with one of his Great Grandmothers
 me with Grandmother and my cousin Hillary

 our lil' plaid family!

 *Hankinson Christmas*
Family pict
 So entertaining!
 Nana & Pop Pop with their 3 grandkids

 me with my sweet niece Ashley

 Phil got a new toy!
 We always have Christmas hats for our meal - this was Cooper's!
 Our sis in law Helen and our niece Ashley
 Phil's brother Steve and our nephew Ian
 new toy for Cooper!
 *Mom - Daughter Christmas get together*
The whole gang
 The Mom's
 The Daughters!
 *Girls Christmas Get Together*

 My fabulous ornament from sweet Ashleigh - love it!
 entertaining fortune cookie - just might become my new motto
 *Christmas with Leslie & Blaire and our mom's*

 Cooper and Andee playing