Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ashley's 10th Birthday Party

Our niece Ashley turned 10 on June 20th! Here are a few pictures from her birthday party at PopPop & Nana's house!

the birthday girl!
Ashley & Ian

us with the birthday girl!

Nana & lil' Cooper

Nana, Cooper & Daddy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Reunion

A few weeks ago we had our family reunion in the mtns (my mom's side). We surprised mom and came back from the beach a day early so we could go to the reunion. Carly also flew in so mom was super surprised!!! Her words were "yall made my summer!" ahhh! So thankful we could be there to enjoy our family.

mom seeing us

so much yummy food!

Cooper with his cousin Saylor (they are about a week apart)

My cousin Jena & us with our lil' ones

all the kiddos....not all were there....4th generation

3rd generation of cousins - missing a few

2nd generation of cousins

1st generation....this is my mom's Aunt Nora (my mimi's sister) and Uncle Hoyt

having fun at the reunion

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Memorial Day

We had a cookout at Nana & PopPop's pool with a few friends for Memorial Day! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of are a few from our relaxing afternoon!
PS - Cooper pulled up (stood up) on his own this past Friday and sat up for the 1st time in his crib. Pretty sure crawling is right around the corner. :)

Finn Collier & Cooper (4 months apart)

Madeline Keen - 4 days younger than Cooper

Xan (3) & Knox Honaker (20mo)

Henleigh Kate Honaker (Knox's twin - 20 mo)

Papa T & Cooper

getting a bath from Mimi in Nana's sink

scrub a dub dub

Monday, June 20, 2011


A random post full of fun things!

just chillin' in his shades!

trying out the bike trailer!
We got this at one of our baby showers &
have just recently been able to put it to use now that Cooper is big enough.
It's awesome!
Papa T & Cooper on the swing
This is how I found them when I came home from school one afternoon :)
Love it!
This bear was my neice's b-day present from my inlaws
Cooper seemed to like it - just his size, huh?!

having fun with Daddy - love this one of them!

Cooper & Mommy

Hanging with the neighbors

Me & Cooper, Sara & Marley, Hannah & Evan, Elisabeth & Madeline

Our lil' family

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cooper's 1st slumberparty with a girl!

Leslie and lil' Andee were in town a few weeks ago so we jumped at the chance to have a slumber party.....yes, so Cooper and Andee could play, but selfishly so Leslie and I could catch up and hang out past the lil' ones bed time. We spent the night at Leslie's parents and so enjoyed our time together. We went to dinner, strolled on the Silver Comet Trail and just played!

this picture cracks me up! I promise we were keeping an eye on them

precious Andee

new toys are always fun to play with

really playing!
kisses for Cooper
breakfast time with Andee

our walk on the Silver Comet