Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Reunion

A few weeks ago we had our family reunion in the mtns (my mom's side). We surprised mom and came back from the beach a day early so we could go to the reunion. Carly also flew in so mom was super surprised!!! Her words were "yall made my summer!" ahhh! So thankful we could be there to enjoy our family.

mom seeing us

so much yummy food!

Cooper with his cousin Saylor (they are about a week apart)

My cousin Jena & us with our lil' ones

all the kiddos....not all were there....4th generation

3rd generation of cousins - missing a few

2nd generation of cousins

1st generation....this is my mom's Aunt Nora (my mimi's sister) and Uncle Hoyt

having fun at the reunion


  1. So glad I got to be home and see my little stud muffin!!!!! I cannot believe how fast he is growing! He loved eating that crushed ice didn't he?!!?

  2. A great time was had by all!! I was absolutely blown away by my surprise!! Love Mimi