Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday fun!

August is always a fun filled month for us as we celebrate both Phil & I's birthday! We ate dinner and made 3 batches of homemade ice cream in the driveway with the neighbors! We went out to dinner with friends at a delicious restaurant. We opened goodies, hung out at the pool and had dessert with family! Phil & I also snuck in a date night with just the two of us for another yummy dinner! All in all turning 32 and 37 is off to a great start! Oh, and how can I forget...we got a van!!! Yes, you read that right...we are now proud owners of a toyota sienna and are loving it!!!! Happy Birthday to us! 

our lil family
 dishing up the ice cream - vanilla, strawberry and peach
 most of the kiddos

 oh yes.....
 poor lil Carter was over it

 my sweet neighbor girl friends!

 out to dinner at Fish Thyme
 Amanda & I 
 love our time with these two! 
 being silly
 Phil sure does know how to make me happy - I had matching outfits picked out for church for the boys and Phil came downstairs wearing the same thing - yellow polo and seersucker shorts! 

 so thankful for mom and dad!
 my boys!

 having fun at the pool!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colorado Visit!

Carter and I took a quick trip to Colorado last week!!! Not that I needed an excuse but it was a combination of birthday fun for me and Wade (turning ONE), meeting lil' Turner, seeing Leslie's new house and spending time with 3 of my best friends!!! 

ahhhh!!!! love me some Colorado!!! 
compliments of Cole trying on the hat!
trying out Wade's highchair like a big boy
 enjoying Wade's toys
 playtime with his new buddy

 fresh air!
 love this one with my lil guy!
 Cole & Wade
 yes, we're at a gas station taking a was the only time we had both the boys and were around someone else to take a pict of us!
Turner and Carter on their first road trip together headed to Buena Vista, CO to Leslie's house
 Carter & MaeBelle - too funny!
 sweet Andee loving on Carter

 loving Colorado
 hanging out
 love having our kiddos together - we missed having Cooper there!

 sweet sweet girl!
 love her so!

 Blaire & I with our babes
 stroller mom's - a nice walk to get breakfast and enjoy the fresh air
 doesn't get much better than this for a walk!

 please take note of the drool on his onesie - that's why he has a bib on the majority of the time