Monday, February 23, 2015

Our lil' 1 year old!

Our lil' baby is one! ONE! How did 365 days pass so quickly?! On January 10th we celebrated Carter with a lil' red wagon themed party! (picts from that soon) This cutie pie is a beautiful blessing to our family and has added so much joy to our lives over the past year.  After a full year of loving on this fella and raising our two boys we are reminded daily of how good God is. The only thing more constant than Carter's motion is his's some picts to prove it! Enjoy! 
 what a year it has been watching Carter grow! 

 "Who me? I'm one?! No way!"

 Just for the record I think I broke a sweat trying to take those 12 month photos with the sticker. The boy does not sit still! 
 Don't worry he was fully supervised during this photo I promise

 The morning of his birthday!!! 

 and one lil' sneak peek of the birthday boy at his 1st party!!!