Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Fun

A while back we went to the "Aviation Museum" and by that I mean a big parking lot with really big airplanes. The nice retired pilot was trying to tell Brooks and Cooper all about it, but they just wanted to run around. They did think it was cool when they were able to get in the airplanes. 

 The first Saturday of every month Home Depot host a FREE kid's workshop. We went with our buddies Anderson and Turner while Daddy was in England. We made a birdhouse. We'll be there this coming Saturday too if anyone wants to join us! 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ringing in 2013!

My friend Amanda hosted a Noon Year's Eve Party for the lil' ones on NYE at 12pm since they wouldn't be up til' midnight! It was great. Complete with a balloon drop and sparking cider. Cooper loved it! That night we went across the street to celebrate NYE with our neighbors. It was also our last night with Phil before he left for England. Cheers to a great 2013! 

 ringing in the new year
 trying out his cider!
 playing video games with the big boys!
 the neighborhood girls

 Amanda & I
 getting ready to countdown

 yahooooooo! 2013!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

more holiday festivities!

The month of December was packed full of time with friends and family celebrating this special time of year! Enjoy lots of picts from our fun month!
the girls from our small group Christmas party!
 the guys being silly with their gifts

 Clearly this was a gag gift....nice huh!?
 Christmas in the mountains - or at the White House as we've always called it
 Noah, Cooper and Hayden - cousin fun
 Phil, Carly and Luke
 playing us a tune!

 all the original 1st cousins!
 Aunt Faye - mom and Uncle Tommy

 trying out his new sunglasses
 silly with Papa T
 all the lil' cousins

 working outside

 checking out Papa T's tools

 time to shoot skeet!
 Cooper's even helping

 Favorite Things Party - Christmas style

 Amanda & I
 me with Elizabeth and Brianne
 Craig & I
 so very blessed with another group of wonderful neighbors - Bentwater group
 so very blessed to still be close to our Timberland neighbors!
 Christmas breakfast with my best friends! Leslie & Blaire with our mom's and lil ones
 Cooper and Andee
 loving on lil' MaeBelle
 oh how I wish we lived in the same town
 Blaire & I
 Leslie & I
 our sweet mamas
 Cooper was still napping during this pict
 Fun with mom's and daughters
 making ornaments

 Timberlands get together - all the girls!
 being silly