Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Future Participants!

Way back when in 1982 (the year I was born) my mom ran the Peachtree! Go Mom! Like any soon to be first time mom would, she couldn't resist buying the peachtree shirt that said "future participant...." with all intentions of me wearing it and of course running the peachtree one day.  Being the great mom that she is, she of course saved the shirt and pulled it out when Cooper arrived!

I was at my friend Jennifer's house and she too had the "future participant" t-shirt layed out for her lil' boy Brooks. We knew we had to put the boys in them for some photos!

So thanks to my mom and Jennifer's dad, Cooper and Brooks have matching Peachtree shirts from 1982! We made them promise they would run it together one day. Ha!

Mom thinks some of the photos would be great advertisement for the race!

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