Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Abadie - aka Jacque & Blaire!

It's so much fun to be a part of one of your best friends getting married! We had a great weekend celebrating Jacque and Blaire with their family and friends! I couldn't be happier for the two of them and was thankful to be by her side on her special day! I'll admit I'm sad that she's moving, but CO is a great place to visit :) Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Abadie! We love you both!

The newly weds!
 her bracelets were beautiful!
 how fun are Blaire's shoes?!
 hanging out before the wedding
 all crammed in the elevator headed to the wedding

 me & Leslie!

 Blaire's family minus her precious lil' niece's
 Jacque's parents
 the wedding party
 loving on the newly weds
 Blaire & her maids!
 she told us we could wear whatever pink shoes we wanted!
 two of my very best friends!
 ceremony spot

 us with my parents
 us with the newly weds
 us with our dear friends Hunter & Jackie
 Leslie & I with her sweet Andee
 us with Leslie & Steve...sure do wish we lived in the same state. miss them so!
 photo booth sillyness

 on the dance floor
 mom & I
 Blaire & her mom
 ahhh! fun fun times!
 that streak of light is actually a bubble....ha!

The night before the wedding we had the rehearsal and dinner at Pappadeaux's
(which was fun not only for the obvious reason, but it's also where Phil & I had our rehearsal dinner)

 flower girls practicing!
 Blaire with her dad
 the wedding party
 me with Leslie
 the bridesmaids
 being silly

 On Friday morning the bridesmaids met at a nail salon to get mani/pedi's!
Blaire's shirt said "I'm marrying a Jacque" :) hehe

On Friday afternoon we had her bridesmaids luncheon hosted by my mom, Leslie's mom and two other friends of Beth's. It was at the Vineyard Cafe in Marietta. Great spot!

the bridesmaids 
 the whole crew

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