Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby Baby!!!

The shirt you've all been waiting for.....Cooper's going to be a BIG BROTHER!!! That's #2 is on the way!!! We are due Jan. 20th, which makes me 12.5 weeks now! We have been to the doctor twice at 6 weeks and 12 weeks. Baby Baby is growing right on track and is a healthy, happy baby! We will find out the sex, but not until 20 weeks which will be at the beginning of September. 
Anytime the baby is mentioned to Cooper he says, "baby baby." So....this lill' one has quickly become "baby baby" to all of us! We found out on Mother's Day (best Mother's day present I could asked for) and we shared the news with our families on Father's Day! 
In addition to our exciting news for those that don't know Carly is expecting too!!!! We are exactly 4 weeks apart! She's due Dec. 24th! Mom has already started praying that Carly isn't late and I'm not early. We are all overjoyed and thankful for the lil' blessings ahead!
These are a few of the pictures of Cooper in his big bro shirts that we gave to our dad's on Father's Day! 
 checking it out!

 yahoo for being a big brother!
 self portrait of us after taking big brother picts!
 So when we told our parents we acted like we were taking picts for Father's Day and then on three said, "We're having a baby." Enjoy the progression of picts until mom and dad really get it! 

 first pict taken - just warming up. 
 Phil said, "We're having a baby." no response yet.....
 Phil said it again and I turned to mom to say.....ummmm did you hear what he said?
 Phil said it a third time and it finally clicked! 
 Excitement begins!
 The thought of two grandbabies on the way
 Congratulating Big Brother Cooper
 The following day we were together with Phil's family for Father's Day. This time I was the one behind the camera
 They were definitely paying attention - Marion, Steve, Helen and Ashley all got it right away!!!!
 Rob's still smiling for the camera not realizing what has been said and Marion tells him the news!
 What? wow! Another grandbaby on the way! 


  1. Congratulations!!! We are thrilled for all of you! Can't wait to watch "baby baby" grow. LOVE all the pics! What fun!
    Much love being sent your way!
    The Tate Family

  2. This was just the SWEETEST thing EVER!! Love your mom's and dad's faces when they heard the big priceless and precious!! Congratulations!! Love you!!

  3. So happy for you!!! I hope it's another BOY. Congrats to your sweet family.