Monday, April 8, 2013

Touch A Truck & Dance Class

A few weekends back we enjoyed a beautiful morning at Touch A Truck in Kennesaw....there's another one coming up at Mt. Tabor Park on Sat, April 24th from 10-12 in case you missed this one. Cooper enjoyed checking out all the big trucks and vehicles. There were jumpy jumps, snowcones (a personal favorite of mine) and all kinds of BIG stuff to look at! 

 waiting on the helicopter to take off

 train coming.....we were really close as you can tell from the picture above

 You know you have a great neighbor/friend when they will take your child to her child's dance class! A huge thanks to Amanda for not only watching Cooper but for also letting him tag along at Emerson's dance class! Oh, and for taking pictures for mommy to see :)   

 all wrapped up and ready to head home!

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