Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lucy & Cooper

So we think it's official that Lucy & Cooper are bonding. This is the first official photograph of the two of them together. :) The other night Lucy & I were sitting on the couch and Cooper started dancing around.......so I lifted my tank top up to see and as I did Lucy put her paw on my belly and left it there for a good 10-15 min.! Not that I want to bare my growing belly often, but thought this was pretty stinkin' cute.........I snapped a shot with my phone (apologies for the quality), but couldn't resist sharing with my dog lover friends!


  1. So precious! Lucy is already a great big sister. :)
    And take tons of belly pics...I know you may not want to BUT believe me once its over you'll wish you had them esp. when Cooper is growing and you can show him all sorts of pics of him in "mama's belly!"

  2. awww, sweet lil' lucy...so precious :) i think you should put that one in the baby book!