Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cooper's 1st Half Birthday!

Cooper turned 6 months old today!!! It's been so fun for us to see him grow and change over the past 6 months! It's exciting to think about how much he will change in the next 6 months as well. We started cereal and solids last week at the beach! So far Cooper has experienced avocados and bananas......what a life huh!? Next we're trying sweet potatoes! He has his 6 month check up next week so we'll let you know how much he's grown. We had a great spring break spending time at the beach with our families and finished up the break with one of my best friends wedding! *

so excited!


  1. Can you even believe Cooper's been apart of your life for 1/2 a year?! What an amazing blessing that beautiful boy is! Happy 1/2 birthday Coop!!!, love you very much buddy :)

  2. Happy 1/2 Birthday! He's too cute. I know y'all had so much fun at the beach!

  3. cutie patootie :) he's definitely gotten bigger, but that boy really hasn't changed much since he was born! happy 1/2 birthday Coop!