Wednesday, February 29, 2012


For several reasons I find this post appropriate......
1 - it's been awhile since I've posted any picts
2 - Cooper is finally saying da-da - music to our ears....especially Phil's
3 - Phil is out of town for the week and we miss him
     (my mom would tell me it's not smart to tell people your husband is out of town)
     (thankfully, you all are trusty worthy people and won't try and break in)
4 - they are fun picts to share

This was on Valentine's Day
cute shirt my aunt gave him!

 these blocks were a Christmas gift from our dear friends and they are a HUGE hit

you've seen Cooper in this shirt before from a previous post, but here are Phil and Cooper both wearing the shirts from our awesome cousins in England

 this pict just makes me laugh
I can't decide who looks more excited
Cooper thinking "please, mom...we are just wearing matching shirts - do we really have to take 100 picts" or Phil thinking "get use to it buddy!"
 warming up to the idea!
 much better!
 having fun with his Da-da

 what a crew
 looks suspicious

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