Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love for Mom's!

Mother's day this year was a lil' different that we are use mom was in Montana and was able to celebrate with Carly on her 1st Mother's Day and Phil's mom was at the beach! So.....we celebrated early with both our mom's. We are so blessed to have such wonderful, loving, caring, supportive, giving, kind mothers. We're so thankful to have them close by and see them as Mimi/Nana to our lil' boys! We love you both so very much! 

Just bare with me for a sappy/cheesy moment.....I've sat here for about 10 min trying to decide what to write about being a mom....those of you that are a mom know the depth of love that comes along with motherhood. You know the emotions that run high and the strength it takes physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm fortunate enough to have the support and encouragement from my mom, my mother in law, and so many other amazing mommy friends! Thank you for encouraging me along this incredible journey as a mom! Thank you Phil for working so hard for our family and for giving me the opportunity to stay home and raise these two precious boys of ours! Cooper and Carter you bring us more joy than you can ever imagine and I'm so happy He chose me to be your mom!    
headed to church

 dinner out with the Hankinsons to celebrate
 Marion, Helen & I
 Phil & Steve with one of the best mom's around!
 Marion with her 4 grands!
 Ashley & Cooper
 Ashley & Nana
 snoozin thru dinner!
 Steve, Ian & Cooper
 Daddy with his boys!
 best shot we could get that night of me with the boys :) 

I didnt have any picts from mom and I celebrating, but wanted to include one of us too :) 

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