Tuesday, November 4, 2014

9 months for Carter

Sweet Carter turned 9 months about 2 weeks ago.....9 months! ahhh! He's quite the little love bug. A happy boy who is on the move! "Plays" with his big brother and thinks Cooper is so funny. Carter continues to nurse, sleep and eat well! We are enjoying the start of his first holiday season! Carter - we love you and your brother more than all the stars in the sky! You light up our world and bring so much joy to our family! Happy 9 months! 

do you think he's saying "we have to do this three more months - geez mom"

 our lil thumb sucker - sucks on his thumb when he's tired

 "ahhhhhh, I'm 9 months old momma!" 
 a few shots of Carter in the same outfit I took picts of Cooper at 9 months

 and just for a lil Halloween fun! 

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