Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time with my roomie!

This blog post makes me soooooooo very happy! Candace was my college roommate and best friend! We've lived together, traveled the world together, made incredible memories and created a lasting friendship that is so dear to me! We stood by each other on our wedding days and hugged each other so tight as she left her reception in New Orleans with her new hubby....that was July of 2007. 8 years later we hugged again! 8 did that happen you ask.....a job at the White House working for the president, a move to Louisiana, being thousands of miles away, pregnancies, new babies, nursing babies, and life...that's what happened. Thankfully our friendship lasted... thru text, emails, calls, face times and prayers it lasted! Finally.....we were able to make a visit happen. Scott, Candace and their three littles drove from Louisiana and stopped here on their way to Hilton Head. We had a great weekend just being together in person, loving on our babies and hanging out! So thankful for Candace, her life long friendship and her precious family! 
We promised to never let 8 years happen again!     

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