Monday, August 15, 2016

Cooper goes to Kindergarten

Cooper started Kindergarten on August 1st! He is going to Shelton Elementary and is in Mrs. Weldon's class. We are three weeks in and slowly adjusting to the new routine! First day he was excited and ready to go! Days after that...not so much! Sweet boy is having a tough time leaving his mommy. Once he get's to the classroom he's fine and comes bouncing off the bus with excitement (thank goodness). He's been pretty tired at the end of the day and isn't thrilled with having to be woken up at 6:50 every morning. We are carpooling in the morning with a neighbor whose son is in Cooper's class and he rides the bus home in the afternoon. Kindergarten is big time!!!    

Photo idea compliments of pinterest and my friend Kerri!
 Plan to do this every year til' graduation - he'll love that huh?!!? 

 Hanging with the two littles during the day!!! While Coo[er's away we will play! 

 two thumbs up for a good 1st day! 

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