Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mableton Family Shower

Another wonderful shower hosted by a fabulous group of ladies!!! This shower was a combination of childhood friends and my dad's side of the family. The food was delicious, decor was precious and all the gifts were definitely appreciated! We got our car seat (ahhh, now we can bring him home once he arrives), our jogging stroller (can't wait to use), our high chair, changing pad, adorable outfits, books, and lots of other goodies! Phil & I are so thankful for our friends and family that love us so well (especially during this exciting time).
me with the host (minus Gloria & Cindy) + hands on Cooper
another precious invite!
diaper cake made my Carolyn - so cute!
beautiful cupcakes!
I told you the decor was cute didn't I?!
the set up - there was sooo much yummy food!
loved this idea - each guest wrote a piece of advice on being a parent. Can't wait to show you the final product - Abbey is going to frame it for us!
all the preggos at the shower in order of due dates
ps - Jennifer on the left side had lil' Brooks on Wed - congrats!!
move over Roger Federer - mom gave Cooper his first tennis racquet
love love love Cooper's bag!
Cooper's 3 favorite ladies!
We hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend - we are off to the mountains for our family shower and soaking in some fresh mountain air!


  1. Hey Guys!
    Reed, Tracy, and I had sooo much fun looking at the pics. By the way, you're a couple of our favorite ladies too! We're so excited about little Coop comin' soon. We can't wait! Love you all!
    Craig, Reed, and Tracy

  2. Great pics! It looks like a fun time. Wish I could've been there :( Cooper is one loved little boy!