Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 months!!!

Can you believe we have a baby that is 2 months?!! We go to the dr. on Thursday for his 2 month check up and will know how much he's really grown then! We're having fun watching him grow and learn new lil' things. We especially like his smiles and silly sounds he makes at us! Thought it would be neat to see his pictures side by side from the month before.......Enjoy the picts!

Yahoo, I'm 2 months!!!
Look how much I've grown....all stretched out
"Who me?" "I'm 2 months?"
"I think I can handle being 2 months."
"I'll think about it, I guess."
"Are you sure I'm going to like it?"
"I'm getting kinda tired of this picture thing mom and dad."
"Okay, really.....time to stop."
Is his lip sticking out not hillarious :)


  1. These are so cute!! He really has changed and filled out a lot. So fun! Every day is better and better : )

  2. Holy macaroni he is starting to really look like your baby pics!! My favorite is the one "Are you sure I am going to like it" He is snapping his fingers and giving some attitude--hehe!! jk. he's an angel

  3. SOOOOO adorable! I love him. That last pic is just to die for.
    Can't wait to see y'all at Christmas!