Monday, December 13, 2010

A few of Cooper's buds

Meet Cooper's friends.....or should I say meet mommy's friends babies.... :) either way - here are a few picts of who Cooper and I enjoy hanging out with. Of course there are others that we haven't had a chance to meet quite yet.

Our neighborhood babies!
Evan (4 mo), Marley (3 1/2 mo), Cooper (2 mo) and Madeline (2 mo)
For some reason I seem to think they think their parents are crazy for doing this to them
Cooper & Madeline - 4 days apart - already holding hands
Cooper and Andee -not so sure about a younger boy
Andee is my best friend Leslie's lil' girl (6 months old)
Okay, I guess we'll be friends since our mom's are
Brooks & Cooper
Brooks is my friend Jennifer's baby boy
I promise Brooks isn't punching Cooper :)
So special.....our son with our godchildren - Mallory & Taylor
Daddy's showing off their boys
Meet Gus & Henry (6 months old)
Mama's and their boys
Danielle & Henry


  1. I promise Andee really does love Cooper. She got in trouble for that and will act much better at Christmas :)

  2. YAY for great friends!!! Love the matching stripes on Cooper & Henry, so precious :)

  3. Looks like Coop's head is about to fall off in the picture with Andee...come on Mom help me out a little I can't hold my head up by myself!