Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 months...

Our lil love is 4 months old!!!! Happy 4 months Cooper baby!
We fall more in love with him every day! His smile and laugh is contagious! We love that he smiles at us when we come home from a long day/night at work. He enjoys holding on to things, sucking his hands and kicking his legs when he’s excited. We’re working on rollin’ over. We go to the dr. for his 4 month appt. next week. Enjoy picts of our baby boy at 4 months old!

sweet happy boy!

pretty sure he posed like this last month with his arm propped up just chillin'

About to fall over, but still smilin'
lookin' at this daddy!

yes, daddy blew in his face again...same stunned look
and yes, that's our son "riding" our dog
and yes, that was daddy's idea
and yes, Cooper is saying.... "WHAT are you people doing to me...."
and yes, Lucy doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
we are having so much fun being parents to Cooper
and sharing it with family and friends!


  1. seriously he is the cutest thing since sliced bread.

    p.s. i love the polka dots.

  2. i love the polka dots too! but most of all i love that he is looking so much like a little baby boy and not at all like an infant anymore. he is getting so big!
    and steve puts andee on ollie all the time....

  3. 1. LOVE the polka dots (I was planning on sayin that, even before I read that Carly & Leslie love them too).

    2. He's grown up sooooo much since his 3 month pictures!! It's amazing how quickly they change

    3. I love him!