Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giddy up!

4 months isn't too young for Cooper to ride a horse is it?! His Mimi and Papa T don't think so :) We didn't let him saddle up quite yet, but we did introduce him to the horses! He wasn't so sure at first, but we're guessing it won't be long before he's ready to go on a trail ride! Here are a few pictures of him meeting Shiloh! ENJOY!

"I'd like to keep my hand, thanks though"

"Uh, mom, I think I'll let you feed him"


  1. Love these pictures, guessing that doesn't surprise you! Can't wait to see pics of him on his first trail ride!!

  2. That's my boy--I am crossing my fingers he will come out to Montana and then decide to be a cowboy!!!!!!! He'll get some pointers from his Uncle Ty :) :) hehehe.

    p.s. He truly NEEDS that cowboy hat.

  3. SO fun!!! Cori, do you think your mom would let me bring Lee over some time to ride? He would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!