Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cooper the Cowboy

Next weekend we will be in Franklin, TN hanging out with Aunt Carly and future Uncle Ty at a rodeo! We figure if they are driving ALL the way from Montana for this rodeo the least we could do is drive to TN to see them. We get to see Ty in action and take Cooper to his 1st rodeo! So in honor of our upcoming weekend here are some pictures of pretending we're a cowboy!!! (these we're actually taken a while back and the last one is from my old school camera phone, but it was the only one we had of him standing up and I think it's hilarious) ENJOY!


  1. That is where my parents live and if you have never been there you will love it!!! They have a really great downtown area

  2. hmmmm......who is anonymous?! we're excited to check it out!