Sunday, May 29, 2011


We had a wonderful time in Franklin, TN! It's a beautiful area and we had fun checkin' it all out. The best part was seeing our future Uncle Ty do his thing.....very impressive I might add! We went to the rodeo Friday and Saturday night. Saturday night at the rodeo was "Tough Enough to Wear Pink." We couldn't leave Cooper yes, he wore pink too! (thanks to one of our lil' girlfriends for letting us borrow the onesie)

having fun at the rodeo sporting our pink attire

"I like this rodeo thing!"
Don't worry - we didn't make him wear pink ALL night

"Giddy up"

"back stage" with Uncle Ty

having fun with our lil' family

my favorite lil' cowboy

takin' it all in

Ty talking to the fans after the rodeo

Ty getting ready

at the end all the horses run out together - this was some of them

Mimi & Papa T

Pop Pop & Nana

what a treat......while we were in TN Phil touched base with his dear high school friend Amy! She and her family live about 15 min. from Franklin and they came to meet us for dinner one night! It wasn't near long enough of a visit, but we were so appreciative they were willing to come see us! Thanks Patrick Family!

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  1. Definitely not long enough of a visit. We do hope you guys come back to NashVegas and come stay with us awhile. Would LOVE to have you and would LOVE to catch up some more. Can't believe we waited as long as we did to get together.