Friday, November 4, 2011

30th Birthday - 80's style!

I'm going to preface this with......if any of you lived through the 80's...WOW! I've decided it was easy to get an outfit together because any color combo looked good...and if it didn't who cares.....not to mention the girls must have been high off hair spray. I think Phil used more hair gel this night than he has in a year or two.

Our friend Sara turned 30 last week and of course that calls for a celebration!!!! Not just any celebration though......we celebrated Sara's 30th Birthday 80's style!!! It was a blast and our outfits were entertaining to say the least! ENJOY!

I must admit that Phil's complete outfit is compliments to my dad with the exception of the headband - it was my mom's! My skirt - I actually own and really like (is that bad) and apparently leg warmers are back in style - there were tons at target.

the birthday girl!
all the girls!

Check out the cup and glasses!
all the guys!
had to take a photo of the headbands!
Justin was in motion the entire party - Richard Simmons style

check out our shoes, tights, and leg warmers
us with the Honakers
The Keen's
The Collier's
The Dunn's
The Honaker's
The Dichiara's
and us!

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