Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Showers!

Hopefully these photos can shed some light on how wonderful all Carly's wedding showers were. Our friends and family really showered Carly & Ty by making everything so special!

You can also get a sneak peek at their wedding photos here! They are AMAZING!

Mother-Daughter shower
We had dinner outside and couldn't have asked for better weather and company! 
And as you can tell the decor was right up Carly's ally!

The moms hosted (back row)
daughters up front!

Family-Friends Shower
All the decor was perfect as well!

The wonderful host

Family Shower in the Mountains with mom's side of the family
Once again......great decor, beautiful day and a special day!

Had to throw this one in there....did you think that was Cooper in a dress?!
It's actually my 1st cousins lil' girl and we think she and Cooper look like twins!
She is a few days older than Cooper. love her!
The wonderful host
Mom's brother and sister - can't you tell!
Uncle Tommy - Carly - Mom - Aunt Faye

Shower in Montana!
We were so thankful that we were able to be there to celebrate with Carly's dear family and friends in Montana. This shower was a week before the wedding and was great!

Carly with mom and her future mother in law - Mrs. Debbie!

Carly with some of her Montana gals!
Brittany & Lisa hosted a fabulous shower (2 bridesmaids)

Had to add this one too......Lisa (whose house the shower was at went to the Kentucky Derby this past year - aren't these hats awesome?! Anyways, we were just having fun!

Again, we're so thankful for the kindness, thoughtfulness and love each of you showed Carly and our family during this special time for she & Ty! Thank you!!!

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