Monday, October 31, 2011

Actual birthDAY!

On Cooper's actual birthday we started the day with balloons in his crib which he thought was the coolest thing ever! We then had birthday muffins, went on a walk, played outside and napped! When Phil got home we took the birthday boy to.....wait for'll be jealous....IHOP! Yes, good ol' IHOP is a great birthday dinner choice for a 1 year old in case you were wondering! He had a pancake decorated as a smiley face and loved it! After dinner we came home and opened a few presents then called it a day! Celebrating Cooper's 1st year was a success!  

waking up to balloons!

Pretty sure he's wishing I would stop taking pictures so he could just eat the muffin!
at IHOP waiting on dinner - Phil thinks it's funny to stick a puff on his forehead until he can find it
the birthday pancake! Yumm-O!
Excuse the bib - we left  his birthday one at home and this was all we had in the car
I do like it, but it's a bit small now

opening presents!

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