Monday, October 10, 2011

365 days - 12 months - 1 year

Yes, it's true.....Cooper turns ONE today!!!! This time last year we had already been loving on our lil' guy since he was born at 4:50am! It has been a fabulous year seeing him learn and explore new things in addition to Phil and I learning how to be parents! We have had a blast and are of course looking forward to the days ahead with Cooper! A big thanks to so many of you that have loved, prayed, and cared for us during this past year! 

Here are his 12 mo. picts along with a sneak peek at his birthday party! ENJOY! 

Good thing this is the last month of stickers - he's started figuring out how to pull them off :0

And....his birthday party.......lots more to come
I'm sure you can tell he definitely enjoyed his cake and party!

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  1. One year old!!! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Cooper! You are so, so cute!