Friday, October 28, 2011

Up up and away!

Cooper's 1st flight took place when we headed out west for Carly & Ty's wedding, Sept. 17th! It was an early morning flight with a layover in Minneapolis. We landed safely in Billings, Montana! Cooper did great. He loved looking out the window at all the planes before take off and crawled back and forth between me, Mimi & Papa T!

On the way back Daddy and Nana were with us too. So overall Cooper was on 4 flights and we're so thankful he did as well as he did!
before we were boarding
 looking out the window with Papa T

 sound asleep
 checking out the runway with Daddy
 who knew.......the Billings airport has a lego table at the gate......genius!

 looking out the window with Daddy

 waiting on our luggage......kickin' back and relaxin' after a long day of flying

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