Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hanging out in Montana

There's no such thing as too many pictures, right? Below is a handful of pictures from our time in Montana just hanging out! We stayed about 2 blocks from downtown Red Lodge and walked to town several times a day. We also spent lots of time on the back porch that overlooked a river! It was great!

 Nana & Cooper
 this is where we stayed - it was awesome!
 we stayed in a hotel in Billings the first two nights
 excited to see his Aunt Carly
 out on a walk
 walking with Mimi & Aunt Carly
 helping Papa T drive
 trying out the wagon he rode in for the wedding
 looking at the river with Papa T

 downtown Red Lodge
 tying tags on the jams that Carly and one of the bridesmaids canned

 checking out the archway where the wedding was going to be
 this picture makes me laugh every time I see it.....
Cooper peeking over the drink making sure he wasn't left out
 checking out the fridge

 this waterfall/rock work was right behind where we stayed
 Dad with his girls
 Mom with her girls
 Cooper nibbling on an apple and staying warm
 love this one of us
 Mimi & Cooper
 the bride & groom!!!

 Mimi showing Cooper the horses

 having fun with daddy!
 Phil was brave enough to get in the water that was soooooo cold!
 driving Papa T & Nana home

shower pictures soon!

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