Saturday, April 28, 2012


Anderson and Cooper are 6 months apart. Elizabeth and I became friends through a mutual friend several years ago. We were both counselors at the time (she still is) and now we go to the same church and are in bible study together with our hubbies.  Anderson and Cooper are in nursery together at church and we've decided since they have the names Anderson and Cooper they MUST be friends! :)
Last weekend we celebrated Anderson's 2nd birthday Home Depot style! Anderson's daddy works for Home Depot and Anderson loves it! It was great. The kids had their own work aprons, built a toy wooden car (daddy helped), had back packs and yummy orange cupcakes!

Elizabeth and I with our boys....they were much more interested in cupcakes than taking a picture
 such a cool cake
 the birthday boy

 Cooper was trying out Anderson's new toys for him
 enjoying his cupcake

 ready to work
 having fun while daddy pushes me around
 deciding he can do this on his own

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