Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our Easter was spent with family celebrating that our Lord is ALIVE! What a blessing for us all! We went to church Sunday morning and then headed to Phil's brothers house for lunch and an egg hunt! It was a beautiful day and a great time had by all! Lots of pictures to share - Enjoy!

checking out his Easter basket before church

now checking out Daddy's Easter basket

Please note the belt/buckle.....his shorts were a lil' big and the only belt I had for him was the one we used for Aunt Carly & Uncle Ty's wedding......

trying to get picts with grandparents - Cooper was over pictures and ready for lunch at this point

check out what the Easter bunny brought me thanks to Mimi & Papa T

much better pict with grandparents - rested and happy!
Mimi & Papa T
Pop Pop & Nana

Pop Pop & Nana with their 3 grandchildren

Egg Hunt time

thanks to Aunt Helen who put extra special things in Cooper's eggs

running around and being silly with daddy

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