Friday, June 1, 2012

Parties Galore!

Lots of summer fun happening with our lil family and friends! We have had a full schedule with a happy birthday everyone party, a bible study party, mom's retirement party at school and a memorial day party!
Happy Birthday Everyone Party....I'm sure you're wondering what that means. Well, in our fabulous neighborhood the group we hang out with consist of 11 families and within those families we have 24 kiddos! Needless to say birthday gifts were getting expensive so we all decided no more gift at parties (from the neighborhood crew), but rather have a once a year happy birthday everyone party! Each kid still has their individual party when it's their birthday, but this event is to celebrate them all! It was a night filled with bouncy houses, cupcakes, a popcorn machine, and hanging out. All the mom's got together a few weeks prior to draw names so each kiddo would have a special gift to open! It was entertaining to say the least and a blast for all! We're so thankful for our fun neighborhood!
all the kiddos

 one of the bouncy castles

all the girls!

 our lil' family!

 playing in the sandbox
 opening gifts
 checking it out!
 hot and tired!
 yummy cupcakes!
 really yummy cupcakes!

 all the awesome daddies
 4 one year olds looking like they are up to no good!.....Cooper, Maddie, Finn & Sloane
 being silly in the jump jump

Mom has RETIRED!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! We are so very excited for her and the time we will have together. Skyview (school she worked at) hosted a wonderful party for those that were retiring. CONGRATS! CONGRATS!

*A few iphone shots from our end of the season bible study party! It was a time with special friends, good food and a cornhole tournament!!! We so enjoyed our time together throughout our bible study and are looking forward to next fall.

Here are picts from our Memorial Day Party in the mountains with my mom's side of the family! We had an awesome weekend in the mountains spending time with extended family and relaxing! Not to mention that Aunt Carly is in town!!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!

 real tears.....because mommy and daddy said no to him having a cookie....don't worry he had already devoured a good many
 We were celebrating our cousin Luke's high school graduation and mom's retirement along with Memorial Day

 trying out the tire swing

 this is the drive way from our house down to the creek. Cooper loved going down there to see the horses and throw rocks in the creek 
 love love this one of my two sweet boys!

 chowing down on watermelon.....boy do we love summer!

a new family favorite! love being all together, but we sure do miss Uncle Ty 
 all my first cousins except for Levi
 Mom, Uncle Tommy & Aunt Faye with all their kids and grandkids! what a crew!
 Phil captured this one....nice!
 so glad to have Carly here!

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