Friday, May 25, 2012

Blaire's Bachelorette Weekend!

Last weekend I was in Colorado for Blaire's Bachelorette weekend! It was fabulous! Friday night there were about 15 of us that showered Blaire with a lingerie shower, a yummy dinner and a night out dancing in Denver! Saturday the 6 bridesmaids and Blaire headed to Buena Vista, CO (where Leslie lives) to spend the day. We went to the hot springs for the afternoon, got massages from a friend of Leslie's while getting ready and then had a yummy dinner. Sunday we headed home. A quick trip with lots of laughing and little sleep. One month til' the BIG DAY!!!

the Bachelorette
 me & Leslie (who just found out she's having another lil' girl!)
 the bridesmaids with Blaire
 Rebecca, Cole, Leslie and me
 yes, we were all stuffed in the elevator!
 me & Cole! One of my dearest life long friends who joined us for the night. She lives in CO and I was so excited to get to spend some time with her
 at our dinner spot
 Leslie & I with Blaire
 all of us at dinner
 getting ready to find a dancing place!
 music wasn't great, but we made do and of course had fun!
 me & Cole again!
 this street was lined with lights - it was so pretty!
 a few of us that had breakfast together Saturday morning before splitting up
 water bottles for our day at the Springs (her last name is going to be Abadie)
Rebecca, me and Leslie before we got in the hot springs 
 us at the hot springs!
 lil' wine glass tags we had made for the weekend!
 me & Les
 Blaire, Les, me & Rebecca
 Blaire & I!
 us at dinner on Saturday night

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